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More and more businesses are becoming aware of the importance and benefits of both a centralized 'document management' system utilized within a 'collaborative' working environment and the most efficient way to backup all office and client- related documents on a daily basis.

The traditional Network Share File Folders (NSFF) structure, although in common use, is cumbersome from a security standpoint. Also, NSFF allow users to save their documents in shared folders and in personal folders such as their Desktop; this increases the likelihood of having different versions of a document saved across the network in various locations. In addition, the documents stored in areas other than the NSFF may not be included in the backup process!

The NSFF system, further, does not provide a user-friendly environment for a team of individuals to work on a document's content together, particularly, where version history and Check In / Check Out functionality is important in order to avoid individuals over-writing, deleting or changing another individuals work. In this event, the work and content is 'lost' and simply not recoverable.

And so along comes Microsoft SharePoint

Both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation resolve many of these issues and can improve and compliment your business. With intuitive administrative functionality, the product can easily and quickly be configured to permit staff members to:

a) Store and work with their documents within a common area that can be accessible to all or specific staff members.

b) Search for documents using the title, words contained in the document, or defined key words associated with the document to allow for faster and accurate retrieval.

c) Provide staff with the ability to access common shared workplaces from within the office and from home in a secured environment.

d) Provide access for your clients to documents and information that is relevant to them over the web.

SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation is a leading edge Microsoft product that is integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and InfoPath where staff members can collaborate within a team project environment and strategically manage and store all types of documents, safely, within a centralized location.

The Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation products provide your business with an organized way to store corporate documents, as well as manage:

a) Client Files
b) Case files
c) Team Projects
d) Sales Proposals
e) Warranty Agreements

Whether in the office or accessing SharePoint Server or Foundation over the web all that is required is an Internet browser. There is no software to install on client machines or laptops. Just by sending out an email with a link to a shared area, users can then begin to work collaboratively on project related documents.

Understanding the necessity and importance of every organization requiring a document management and collaborative working environment, Microsoft has included SharePoint Foundation with Windows 2008 Server (Standard and Premium) Editions!...

BridgeTech Systems Inc. has successfully implemented and configured both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation for various businesses and service-oriented organizations in Ottawa, allowing them to simplify the everyday work processes for the organization's staff users and in some cases offer value added services to their membership.

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