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Content and Spam Filtering

Increase productivity by decreasing unwanted email and correspondance within your office.

BridgeTech Systems is an authorized reseller of industry standard anti-virus and anti-spam software and applicances.

In providing our customers with a 24/7 secure network environment, our top technical consultants offer spam and web filter solutions, which include installation and configuration of market leading procducts such as:

Barricuda Applicances (Web filtering, web application firewall, NG Firewall)

Symantec Endpoint Protection (antivirus + advanced threat prevention)

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security (anti-spam, anti-malaware)

Following the implementation of a secure solution, BridgeTech Systems will document your network environment and provide a graphical representation of the firewalls, servers and secure software and applicances in action.

BridgeTech Systems is also familiar with many other antivirus, anti-spam and web filtering applicances and can assist in the support and maintenance of these products.

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