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BridgeTech Remote Workplace

Remote Workplace for a changing world

BridgeTech is a leader in remote workplace solutions with expertise in design, analysis and delivery.

As the world continues to deal with the global health crisis, businesses have turned to remote work to help keep their employees safe and still maintain regular business operations.

With the increase in remote work, companies will have to prepare in various ways to avoid cybersecurity risks or interruptions to business. When supporting a remote workforce, understand that security controls shift. Therefore, firewalls, DNS, and IDS/IPS could be ineffective when employees head home. Bridgetech is experienced in deploying the latest technologies to ensure that when users are working from home, they are secure and effective.

We can assist in every step of the way as you transition to a remote workforce, here are just some of the ways we can assist:

- VPN deployment: deploying SSL remote access to your office network.

- Infrastructure as a service migration/implementation: migrating on-prem servers/services to our cloud-hosted environment. We can also provide Virtual Desktop services within our cloud so no matter the device end users can access your network securely and in a completely manageable environment.

- Infrastructure backup and disaster recovery: We primarily leverage Veeam Backup & Replication to provide on-prem backup with replication to our datacenters. We can fully recover your on-prem servers into our cloud in a disaster or as part of a migration to an Infrastructure As A Service model.

- Remote end-user support: Our team is well versed in the challenges of getting end users set up to work from home and can remotely set up and walk them through the entire process.

- Cloud services Backup: Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online backups are essential as the current environment is seeing a large number of malicious attacks on Office 365 accounts. Having backups in another cloud mitigates the risk of data loss.

- Migration to Office 365: Our team is well versed in the process of migrating and implementing Office 365 services and make the whole transition a breeze. We can provide everything from licensing, planning, implementation and post-implementation support as your business transitions to Office 365.

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